What is Treasure Canyon and where did it come from?

A couple years ago, a couple of us were driving down to Arizona for a work trip, and on that 10-hour drive, we had lots of time to talk! We all love the outdoors, love talking about new business ideas, and we all bleed adventure. More importantly, we love bringing other people on our adventures with us. Have you ever climbed to the top of a mountain and then after getting home, told tons of people about what you did, how awesome it was, and how you want them to go with you next time? Us too.

After talking about tons of fun ideas, we asked the question, "What if we just hid a ton of money somewhere and then put out clues for people to find it?" Instantly, we knew this would be a fun pathway to go down. As we talked about it more, we decided that it would be a lot of fun to turn it into an event, where thousands of people could participate.

We started thinking of ways to put on events where tons of people could participate, and we thought to the mud runs, extreme races, 5Ks and marathons that are able to accommodate tons of people all at once. We also were driving and saw people with 3-5 Ragnar stickers on it, and we knew that these adventure races needed an update and a new type of adventure.

Treasure Canyon mixes the athletic and physically challenging components of these other events with some brain workouts mixed in there. On the day of the event, which will be Sept 3rd of this year, teams and individuals will follow 9 sets of clues that will lead them through 10 miles of hiking through trails in the mountains. The entire event will take place in one canyon, which we will reveal at a later date. Visit the "How it Works" page to learn more.

The ultimate goal of Treasure Canyon is to inspire others to get up off the couch, get outdoors, and go on adventures! We provide incentives for people to do this--sometimes cash and sometimes prizes from sponsors--in the end, we hope people get the most out of memorable adventures with nature, friends, and family!