Mini-hunt #3 - $350

Mini-hunt #3 is here! The stakes are higher than ever before, and $350 is on the line. Today, the hunt will take place in Provo Canyon, so if you're not there already, then get in your car and head that way. For this hunt, we have hidden $50 in 6 separate locations. One of these 6 stashes has a bonus $50, but nobody will know which one it is until they find it! The best way to take this on is to split up to try to cover as many locations as possible. Without further ado, let's get right into it.

Each of the codes below represents a location, and the clues and directions after each clue will guide you to the exact location of the treasure. The cipher is at the bottom of the page.

Site 1

Go to the Alta Springs Pavilion and you will find your treasure behind the reservations sign,

Site 2

Cross the south bridge and then take the path before the restrooms. Go just past the second fire pit and head towards the river. The stash is hidden in the huge log.

Site 3

Go across the bridge next to the overpass. When you get to the fence, head left. Hug the fence until the path turns away from it (after you hike up a ways). The trail will continue on do a 180, walking you towards the mouth of the canyon. Once to reach the Great Western Trail marker, head left towards the boulders. The treasure is hidden underneath one of the boulders.

Site 4

Hike in on the pathway from the parking lot until just before the two trails come together. Look towards the river and then walk down past the "Caution" sign (next to a metal picnic table) and go stand on the huge boulders just on the edge of the river. Look across the river into the massive concrete pipe and you will see your treasure.

Site 5

Head west on the train tracks until you come to the abandoned train. Look between the first and second cars. Buena suerte.

Site 6

After you turn off the freeway into the campground, immediately turn left and then take your first right. Follow the paved road all the way until you see a bridge. Go across the bridge and follow the road around to the left until you see a black gate across the road. Walk right up to the "United States Government Property" gate, do not pass the gate, but look left into the trees, and you will find your prize hanging there.


Use this to solve the codes above

Good luck!