Mini-hunt 5 - The Pre-Event

Our treasure hunts are always more fun with friends!

Time to dive into mini-hunt #5! This one is going to be different, and it will require a little bit of explaining. As most of you know, this is Treasure Canyon's inaugural year, and we have been having a fantastic time putting on adventures along the Wasatch Front. We have had amazing feedback from many of you, and we listen to every word! Everything we're doing is all leading up to the 1st main event in September for $10,000.

When we began planning this awesome event, we knew that we wanted to do a pre-event to really test out the event and get feedback from friends and family before we took it big.  We planned on inviting about 100-200 friends to participate and we would make the prize $1,000. This would allow us to test controlling larger crowds, ensuring smooth flow of the event, and we would have a great time with our friends doing it! But what we didn't expect in the beginning was how much all of our amazing supporters and fans would love the mini-hunts...

So a couple weeks ago, after a great event in Diamond Fork Canyon, we decided we would open this pre-event to everybody that has signed up for the main event! We debated a lot about this, because this event is really supposed to be a "test run" for the September event, just on a smaller scale (in number of participants and distance). But in the end, we decided that we would just communicate really well with all of you and set the right expectations. So, let's jump in.

The format of this event will be a lot of fun! Participants will begin at IKEA (near the point of the mountain). We will all meet there at 9 AM on June 11th, and we'll probably do a quick intro and talk through what to expect that day (for those of you that don't read our stuff!). At 9:30, we will release the first clue via email to all participants present that day. In that email, there will be some clues to solve that will reveal an answer and give you some further instructions. We won't share everything at the moment, but I can say that you will be asked to go to our Clues page on our website which you can find here.

Treasure Canyon clue entry form

On that page, you will be asked to enter four things:

  1. The number of the clue you are solving
  2. The answer to the clue
  3. Your email address (must be the email address you used to sign up for the race)
  4. A photo that you will have to post with your entire group and upload

After you have entered all of those things, you will click "Get Next Clue," and you will be given further instructions on screen, as well as in the email address that you just entered. You will then head away from IKEA towards wherever the clue leads you.

For this pre-event, there will be 6 clues that you will receive. The first person/group to get to the end will take home the $1,000 prize! The total distance you will hike/run for this event is 5 miles--2.5 up and 2.5 down. For this event, the first about 75 finishers will receive a t-shirt. There may even be some surprise side caches that will be revealed throughout the event through social media. We'll have some competitions for most likes on social media and other things like that with prizes from sponsors as well.

In the end, we want everyone to have a great outdoor adventure that day and we hope to hear tons of feedback from everyone that participates. We will take into consideration everything positive and negative from that day and improve all we can as we continue into future treasure hunts and for the main event. 

Who's excited?? Remember that in order to participate in this mini-hunt, you must be signed up for the main event on September 3rd for $10,000! You can sign up here. Early-bird pricing ends on May 31st!

P.S. Please ask any questions you want in the comments below!