What will treasure look like in 100 years?

People have been seeking out treasure for thousands of years. Some search for lost shipwrecks; others seek out historical relics such as the holy grail. Today, you can buy a cheap metal detector and scavenge a local beach. 

Treasure has always been the source of a variety of outcomes for both good and bad. Cultural treasures such as those found in places like the Louvre in Paris have enlightened the world and brought joy and satisfaction to countless visitors. While other physical treasures such as the wealth discovered with King Tut have been the center of much contention and debate. 

King Tut's Treasure

Treasures of different forms have always been objects of obsession. We all treasure different things, and those things change all the time. What did you do last week? What brings you joy? What occupies your mind when you have nothing else to think about? That is your treasure.

As Jesus wisely informed us two millennia ago, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

To complicate the matter of what treasure will look like, we need to examine the civilization-altering changes happening right before our eyes. In just a couple weeks, a new game or technology can overtake the world. One day a park is empty, and the next it’s full of Pokemon GO fanatics relentlessly building up their Pokedex. They find themselves full of nostalgia as they live out a childhood obsession that has come to life thanks to augmented reality and GPS tracking. 

Pokemon Go players gathering at a Pokestop

As our human race advances, we are discovering new types of treasure that our ancestors could never have fathomed. Intellectual property held by companies like Google and Facebook have become a form of treasure they can protect and profit from. In the near future it is likely that we will continue to discover new digital treasures and watch them be distributed to the world in ways only few could imagine.

Trying to predict what the human race will consider valuable in the future is a challenging and speculative game that few win. Even a seemingly prescient individual such as long-term investor Warren Buffett has been unable to foretell all the many treasures that have spawned in his lifetime. But we can still have fun trying to guess, right?

So, what do you think treasure will look like in 100 years?