Experiences Worth Far More Than Things

Mark Cuban, renowned investor and star of the hit TV show "Shark Tank," has recently invested in several companies providing experiential entertainment. He anticipates an explosion of this type of entertainment over the next few years. People aren't content anymore to just sit around on their couch and watch others experience things. They see something and ask the question, "Where can I do that?" They watch Wipeout and then Google places that will let them try to beat the gauntlets of obstacle courses attempting to smash, crash, and face plant their participants into the ground or water beneath them. They watch Ninja Warrior and then go searching for gyms where they can train to conquer the challenges. And I don't blame them!

Life is for living. In a day and age where we are becoming more and more connected to literally billions of devices that dot the planet, it is harder and harder to feel like you really are getting out and feeling alive. But many people are looking for activities that get them into the action, as part of the story and as part of a community. They want to get together with friends and family and have experiences that will turn into memories, and ultimately bring them closer to each other.

Here at Treasure Canyon we create real-life treasure hunts, competitions, and adventures to help people get up, get outdoors, and live life! We constantly encourage our followers and Treasure Canyon community to run, bike, kayak, climb, hike, and stay active. Once per month, we put on a treasure hunt, in which participants go out into the mountains to follow clues, search for landmarks, and to hike/run towards hidden treasures that we place in the mountains. Treasure can be cash, gift cards, sponsor prizes/benefits, and much more, but in the end, people LOVE the experiences they have as they bring their mind and body together to go out and conquer the challenges we place before them.

Three amazing ladies who participated in one of our treasure hunts

There are dozens of studies that have been done, documenting the fact that experiences far outweigh the value of material things and money. Experiences bring joy, fulfillment, a sense of accomplishment, and they are often done with those that you love. Happiness is the greatest measure of a society, company, or organization.

Pull together your friends, your employees, your co-workers, family, and random strangers off the street, and come on our adventures! Would you rather take your family/team to a forgettable lunch or dinner? Or would you rather take them on a treasure hunt, where they will have to work together to solve clues, go on an adventure, and complete difficult tasks, creating memories and skills that will be remembered for much longer.

Treasure Canyon's $10,000 treasure hunt is coming up on September 3rd. If you are interested in pulling together a larger group, please contact us, and we'd be happy to discuss how we can accommodate. At the very least, we hope that you are inspired to get out and go on your own adventures. Utah is one of the best states in the country (and probably one of the best places in the world) to find adventure right in your backyard. Get up, get outdoors, and live life!


P.S. Every single one of Treasure Canyon's sponsors--Maverik, Altra, Goal Zero, Wasatch Combat Sports, Nu Skin/Pharmanex, Klymit, and Gatorade all are about getting out and living life! We're grateful and excited to be associated with every single one of them!