Mini-hunt 6 Clues - Get ready for an epic adventure

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Alright, everyone...the time is here! I hope you are sitting at a computer or a good phone, because Google maps is going to be your best friend for this one. Here we go.

The following is the treasure map you have been studying for the past few days. This is a general guideline, and the X's are not precise enough to be able to help you find the treasure. IMPORTANT: When you find the treasure, please post a picture of yourself with the treasure to our Facebook page or email it to us at so that we can make an official update to the blog. As we see each treasure found, we will mark it on this page.

Map of treasure locations within Little Cottonwood Canyon

For each clue below, there is a zoomed in, more accurate treasure map with X marking the spot of each treasure location. You will not only need to be able to figure out how to get to that spot, but you will need to very carefully follow the picture and clues that are associated with the treasure to find your cash. When you find a treasure or a treasure location (after the treasure has been found by someone else), be sure to take a picture of yourself and your friends at the location, because it will be worth something to you later on! More details at the end of the post. Let's dive into the clues, which are in no particular order:

Difficulty refers to how well the treasure is hidden and how hard it might be to find it with the picture and clue.
Climbing involved refers to whether or not you have to cross a stream on a log or a pipe, or possibly climb over rocks and up steep terrain.
Hiking distance refers to total distance traveled to find the treasure.

Treasure 1

Difficulty: medium
Climbing involved: medium
Hiking distance: medium

Treasure 1 map

Treasure 1 picture with clue

Treasure 2

Difficulty: hard
Climbing involved: medium
Hiking distance: light

Treasure 2 map

Treasure 2 picture with clue

Treasure 3

Difficulty: medium
Climbing involved: light
Hiking distance: light

Treasure 3 map

Treasure 3 picture and clue

Treasure 4

Difficulty: easy
Climbing involved: light
Hiking distance: light/medium, depending on where you come from

Treasure 4 map

Treasure 4 picture and clue

Treasure 5

Difficulty: easy
Climbing involved: medium
Hiking distance: light

Treasure 5 map

Treasure 5 picture and clue

Treasure 6

Difficulty: medium
Climbing involved: hard (be very careful--some people rope into this to climb it in certain sections--don't take risks that aren't worth taking)
Hiking distance: medium

Treasure 6 map

Treasure 6 picture and clue

Treasure 7

Difficulty: medium/hard
Climbing involved: medium/hard
Hiking distance: far

Treasure 7 map

Treasure 7 picture and clue

Whew! If you found all of the treasure locations, then you are an incredible treasure hunter, and an amazing adventurer! For those of you that found treasure, congratulations! Well done! Don't spend it all in one place. For those of you that arrived after the treasure had been found, your journey and adventure was no less awesome, and you have created incredible memories with friends, and hopefully you've found some cool new spots to go back and visit time and again.

Whether you found the treasure or not, here is some extra incentive:
Depending on the number of treasures you found, you will get discounts to Treasure Canyon's $10,000 treasure hunt coming up on September 3rd. Simply post pictures of yourself and your team at the treasure locations to Treasure Canyon's Facebook page. Here are the discounts you will receive if you do so:

  • 2 treasure location pictures - 10% discount
  • 4 treasure location pictures - 20% discount
  • All 7 treasure location pictures - 30% discount (this is the highest discount we have ever offered!)

Post pictures of your adventure during the day to Treasure Canyon's Facebook and Instagram pages (@treasurecanyon). We will also pick our favorite picture of the day and that person will receive a free team entry to the $10,000 event on September 3rd! 

Good luck, everyone! Be safe, be courteous of others, help those that have fallen, and enjoy a fantastic adventure! See you out there.