Life is all about finding people who are your kind of crazy!

Why do we do what we do? We connect with those who share our common interests, and those interests may range from work to gaming to cooking or seeking adventures--really just about anything! We can relate to and hold stronger, more solid conversations with those who share our common interests.

            I was recently told by someone, “I follow so much of what you do, because it is what I want to do more of.” This was a humbling compliment and it took me a second to realize that we truly do connect with those who share our common interests. We are inspired by people who do what we want to do--it just means taking the leap and pushing yourself to go for it!

Throughout college, I was the one female in a house full of five guys, similar to the hit TV show How I Met Your Mother. It was a riot and I’d pretend as if I were one of the guys, and yes we had our differences, and we were all pursuing different careers, yet we all had so very much in common. Years later, we all are out still pursuing our careers and education. Many of us have gotten married, purchased houses, and "grown up" a bit, yet the original six of us are all the crazies. We are all out seeking adventures and making as much time as humanly possible to get out and see all that we can, while knowing when we need to buckle down and work our butts off at our jobs.

Growing up, my favorite TV shows included Friends and New Girl, both shows of young adults, out of college, who are just trying to figure life out as it comes along. I have questioned myself a time or two, “should I be married?,” “should I have kids?” Then I think “why!” I am doing exactly what I was designed to do, just like all five of my crazy roommates. We are out working on our careers, working hard at that to change the game (whatever our game may be), working to make time to be a best friend to all of our friends, and working to make time to seek adventure as it offers us pure enjoyment. So, no…I don’t think any of us are wrong for being at the stage in life where we find ourselves, and we will continue to connect with people who have similar goals and interests. It really is an incredible concept when you think about it!

Growing up did you have favorite television shows, movies, or books, where you could connect and relate to the characters? To the plot line? We all create our own “live” shows and are continuous stories, which are ever changing and developing.

            Runners connect with runners; they can talk about all they do in preparation for a race or how they maintain a running lifestyle with the chaos of life. Outdoor obstacle racers may connect with those who partake in Crossfit as it is a method of training, they may connect with people who like to get down and dirty (in the mud that is). But what about a Treasure Hunt Race?! Who do we find ourselves connecting with? Geocachers? Runners? Outdoor obstacle racers? Riddlers? Hikers? Truly there is a connection that is to be made in all of these types plus so many more!

So, take a second and think about you--who do you connect with? What are the things that you value, what inspires you? Do you connect with people who share those values, those inspirations? We’d love to hear from you on what you do for enjoyment. Are these things that our friends enjoy too, or are you the odd-ball out doing your own thing because you can, because it keeps you makes you feel alive? We already know that you love treasure hunts, because who doesn't?!