Meet Boney

Boney and his friends will be helping you out during the Sept 3rd $10,000 treasure hunt!  You won't be able to get to the end without them.  We thought we'd let you get to know him a bit before you have to go on a treasure hunt with him and his buddies.  (Also, he has a bonus for you at the end of this post, so read to the bottom.)

This is Boney! He's pretty chill, and loves to hang out with us.

My son really likes to jump off the balcony and showed Boney how to do it.  Now we can't get him to stop and it's getting kind of annoying.

Boney also keeps hogging the exercise bike.  We all told him he doesn't need to lose any more weight, but he just won't listen.  Says he's trying to stay in shape for the race.

He's pretty good at the piano too.  I showed him a few things and he just took off.  Heart and Soul is his fave.

Since he uses all of our stuff and doesn't want to feel like dead weight around the house, he insists on helping out with the chores.  He says the cool water on his bones feels good.

Boney thinks it's funny to leave the door open when he goes to the bathroom.  I think it's kind of annoying.

I showed him how to watch YouTube on the TV, and he won't stop playing this video.  Something about their hip bones.

This is his face while watching the video.

The first time he opened the fridge he literally fell over because he was so excited!

Overall, Boney is a pretty nice guy!  We're glad he's here to help us out with the $10,000 treasure hunt coming up on 9/3.  Make sure to sign up here!  Boney is chipping in $6 to anyone who wants to sign up.  Just use code BONEY6.  Thanks, Boney!

If you want to see Boney doing something else, just let us know in the comments!