14 Reasons Why You Should Come to Treasure Canyon's $10,000 Treasure Hunt

Treasure Canyon's big $10,000 event is 14 days away now! We are super excited, and want to share with you 14 reasons why you should grab some friends/family and tackle this epic adventure together.

1. Adventure

Everybody needs a good adventure! What is more adventurous than taking on a challenge through Provo Canyon to solve clues, beat out the competition, and find a $10,000 treasure? Maybe someday you'll have had enough adventures that you'll feel like Captain Hook.

2. $10,000 grand prize

What will you do with your $10k? Pay off some debt? Buy a Hobbit Home? Take your family to Hawaii? Buy some new diamond-studded jeans? (please don't do the last one)

3. $15,000 in extra prizes

There will be a prize room at the end, where you will be able to grab any piece of loot you want and take it home! The top 100 people that find the treasure will go in order into the prize room and get to take anything they want. More details here.

4. Amazing pictures for your Instagram

Everybody knows that the only reason to do anything is so that you can show others what you did by posting a picture of what you did and adding enough hashtags to ensure that everybody you care about seeing you sees what you did and congratulates you for it. Also, we will have several contests for best picture with awesome prizes!

5. To meet other awesome people

Everyone that has come to these events has an incredible story. Everyone has a sense of adventure, is excited about life, and has a great spirit of competition. 

6. To prove that you've got some brawn to back up that brain

Sure, you can run a marathon, blow through a triathlon, and Tough Mudders are more just Mudders to you. But what happens when you throw in a few brain exercises? See if you can solve this one: "The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?" Answer in the comments below if you get it.

7. To prove that you've got some brain to back up that brawn

4.0 student? 34 on the ACT? 152 IQ (free IQ test here)? Congrats! You're brilliant. But what happens when you step outside? How hard are you breathing after the first mile? Luckily, you've got 2 more weeks to train.

8. Something awesome to do to kick off your Labor Day weekend

Saturday morning on 9/3 is the perfect time to go on an adventure. Wake up, go solve some clues, find your $10k, and figure out what to do for the rest of the day.

9. Provo Canyon is beautiful!

From Bridal Veil Falls to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, to Sundance, to the mighty Provo River, Provo Canyon is filled with incredible adventure everywhere you look. Hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, river rafting, tubing, exploring, camping, roasting marshmallows, and cruising down US-89 with the top down are just a few things you can do in this amazing canyon. Add treasure hunting to the list. :)

10. Great family and friends activity

You will have to work together to solve clues, figure out where to go, and it won't be easy! Working together with your family and/or friends will build trust and camaraderie and will create great memories for all.

11. You'll get to hang out with Boney and his friends

Check out our recent blog post to meet Boney. He and his friends will help you find the treasure on 9/3. Captain Jack Marrow, One-eyed Billy? Those are just a couple of them.

12. Sponsors providing incredible benefits to all who attend

GoalZero, Blendtec, Maverik, Altra, Klymit, Wasatch Combat Sports, Nu Skin/Pharmanex, Gatorade, and Kashi all have provided exclusive 20-30% discount codes and free stuff for everybody that signs up! Many sponsors will also be there at the finishing area to give away more cool stuff. I also hear that Nitro from Maverik will be giving away 100 gift cards...more on that next week.

13. Fulfill your childhood dreams

It's healthy to play sometimes (or lots)! How many times have you dreamt of going on a treasure hunt? I know that when I watch Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, or National Treasure, I imagine myself walking into that room full of treasure and how cool that would be! We have worked hard to try and recreate that feeling for everybody that embarks on this epic adventure.

14. Getting up early and going on a 10k adventure will make you feel like a million bucks

Whether you go home with the grand prize or not, you will go home with incredible memories, you will feel fantastic from the exercise you got, and you will feel an incredible sense of accomplishment, knowing that you beat the clues and found the treasure. We have put on 8 treasure hunts this year so far, and every single time, we have had people tell us that the adventure was one of the best they've ever been on!

If you aren't signed up yet, then head on over! We will be capping signups at 2,000 people to ensure safety, and because the arena can't hold more than that many people. Join the event of the summer here

See you there.