The Loot Room

What would it feel like to walk into a room filled with treasure? Pretty awesome, right? I don't know about you guys, but whenever I'm watching a movie with treasure in it, and they finally find it, I get super excited. I've always wondered what it would actually feel like to walk into one. Mikey meeting One-eyed Willy is a classic example from The Goonies:

When you finally find the treasure room, we will mark down what place you got and your finishing time as you enter. You will be able to take pictures in there with all of the treasure and the treasure chest, and we will have a professional photographer in there taking pictures that we will make available for free to you afterwards (I hate it when companies charge $10-20 for pictures...). After that, you will head over to the loot room!

The first 100 winners will get to walk into that room (in the order that they won), choose one item from the room, and then head home with their booty. Our sponsors are INCREDIBLE for providing tons of treasure and prizes. Not only are they providing these prizes to the top 100 finishers, but they also have some incredible discounts they are offering to everyone that participates. Those will be emailed out after the race.

Now, onto the good stuff. Here is the full list of sponsors along with their prizes:

10 $100 gift cards. Maverik is one of the best brands out there, and I hope you all gas up at one of their incredible locations before the event, after the event, and forever after that. Their Nitro card is basically the best thing that could happen to your wallet and gas tank. Save 6 cents per gallon, instantly price match gas from other nearby gas stations so you know you're getting the best deal, and $1 fountain drinks! Even the 64 ounce ones...

10 $100 Altra gift cards. Seriously, these are the best shoes ever. Their ZeroDrop and FootShape technology has done wonders for my knees, and I can go all day. The Lone Peak 3.0's are some of the best shoes you could wear for this event. I've worn them for every single mini hunt so far, and have put hundreds of miles on them. Grab a pair of these before the event.

10 Blendtec blenders. If you haven't used a Blendtec, then you haven't lived. These are literally the best in the world, and Blendtec has generously donated 10 blenders! I know these will go fast. Blendtecs range from $400-800 each. Not too bad for a morning hike through the beautiful mountains in Provo Canyon!

25 Goal Zero products. From mobile power to solar power, Goal Zero has this market cornered. Their products have won every award that outdoor power products can win, and they are here to stay. We highly recommend grabbing a Flip 10 power pack from them for about $20 at most major outdoor retailers or online, which will keep your phone nice and juiced up for the event.

8 backpacks. This local company creates AMAZING backpacks and other camping gear. Remember those ridiculously uncomfortable (and heavy) steel frame backpacks? Yeah, Klymit decided those were old news, and created backpacks that use air frames! You pump up the frame in the backpack, and it feels like Heaven wrapped a blanket around you. Check out their Motion 60 and Stash 18 backpacks, as there are 4 of each available in the loot room!

10 1-month passes to Wasatch Combat Sports. What's the hardest workout you've ever done? I can promise you it isn't as hard as what they dish out over at Wasatch Combat Sports in Orem. I almost pass out every single time I go there. One month costs $115, and it's worth every penny. 10 people get to go away from this event with a free month to experience some of the best physical training you'll have ever received.

27 products from Pharmanex/Nu Skin. Many people have heard of Nu Skin, but did you know that their nutritional supplement arm, Pharmanex, is one of the best in the world. Makes GNC products look like kids' toys. From their award winning LifePak Nano to their cutting edge age-reversing technology found in ageLOC supplements, Pharmanex products will blow your mind. Click on their logo, and check these guys out--you won't regret it.

Kashi won't be providing any prizes for the loot room, but even better, they will be providing protein bars for EVERYONE at the finish line! I have always loved their cereal and granola bars, and their GoLean protein bars are just as good. Gluten free, vegan, organic, and all that jazz. Just remember that if you have a peanut allergy, these aren't for you. :)

Gatorade Endurance is also providing something to everyone at the finish line! This isn't your grandma's Gatorade. This is a special blend for endurance athletes. Normal Gatorade is for those that go the extra mile. This one is for those that go the extra five. Fuel up with some of this at the beginning, middle and end of the event.

100 prizes! Let us know in the comments below what you would take. We'd also love to hear any great experiences you've already had with these brands! All 7 brands providing prizes for the loot room are local Utah companies. We are incredibly proud of that fact, and we hope this can support Utah's incredible economy.

The race is just around the corner! Are you signed up yet? If not, click here to join the fun! Boney is still sharing his discount code for $6 off per person. Use discount code BONEY6 at checkout.