Ready? Here we go! Below are 4 pictures of treasure locations at Vivian Park followed by 8 pictures of treasure locations along the Stewart Falls Trail. If you have never been to Stewart Falls, you can find it here. From Vivian Park, head up the canyon and through the tunnel. Just after the tunnel, you will turn left (towards Sundance). Drive on this road for a few miles and you will get to a guard station where there will be a $6 fee to enter the Alpine Loop section of road. Immediately after the guard station, you will turn left into the Stewart Falls Trailhead parking lot. If that parking lot is full (which we anticipate happening), there are places to park for free on the road before the guard station. Also, if you tell them at the guard station that you are with Treasure Canyon, then you can pay on the pay down to save time.  Please be honest and make sure you pay the fee to the forest service.

Use the pictures to find the treasures! When you find a treasure, please open it up, take your prize, and leave the bottle with the extra note inside so that others can locate it and enjoy the reward of knowing they found the treasure! Good luck! Don't forget to post pictures to Facebook and Instagram and tag Treasure Canyon!

Hint: the pictures are in no particular order

Vivian Park Treasures

553 railroad.jpg
crack in rock.png
tree cove.jpg

Stewart Falls Trail Treasures

curved trees.jpg
rock downstream from Stewart.jpg
little brother.png
water tower.jpg
rock slide.jpg
x marks the spot.png
huge fallen tree.jpg
grove of trees.png