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Mini Hunt #5 - The Pre-Event

  • IKEA (starting point) 67 W Ikea Way Draper, UT 84020 United States (map)

Sign up for the $10,000 event and this $1,000 hunt here.  (There is only one signup.  You will receive access to both events.)

Mini hunt #5 will be Treasure Canyon's largest treasure hunt yet, and 1 team will go home with $1,000 in their pocket! There will be quite a few other prizes from us and sponsors that will be revealed in the next few days. As detailed in this blog post, this event was originally going to be a closed event, but a few weeks ago, we decided to open it up to everyone that has already registered for the September 3rd $10,000 event. Response has been great, and there are still people signing up every day. Here are the details:

The event will happen on Saturday, June 11th. All participants should meet in the northwest corner of the IKEA parking lot at 67 W IKEA Way, Draper, UT, 84020. We will all meet there, make a couple announcements, and then release the first clues. Meeting time will be at 9:00 AM. At about 9:10, we will make a few announcements, make ourselves available for questions, and then at exactly 9:30, we will release the first clue.

The first clue (along with all others) will go to the email you used to register for the event through's portal. The first clue will likely take around 15 minutes to solve (we recommend a pen/pencil and paper for this one), and then you will be directed to the next location after submitting your clue through our Clue Entry Tool. A couple tips for using the Clue Entry Tool and for participating in the race:

  • When you solve a clue, you will be asked to do several things:
    1. You will need to first select the Clue number. The numbers will be clearly provided in the descriptions of the clues.
    2. You must then enter the answer to the clue. The answers can be letters, numbers, or some combination of both.
    3. The email address you enter will be where we send the next clue, so ensure that you have access to that email through your phone.
    4. Lastly, you will need to take a picture at every single clue. As part of every clue description, you will be asked to take a picture together with your group (all group members must be in the picture--take it selfie style).
    5. Some clues will involve pictures, some will involve text instructions, and all have been tested multiple times by multiple people. They are not always 100% obvious, but if you pay close attention, you will be able to solve the clues.
    6. *Important* When uploading the picture and submitting the clue, it may take up to 2 full minutes for you to receive the next clue!  Be patient, and pay attention to our hints for better signal locations.

This hunt will involve about 6 clues, so it will not be quite as long as the main event. The distance you will have to hike/run/walk will be a total of 5 miles, half of which will be fairly uphill. Ensure you have enough water to stay hydrated throughout the event.

IMPORTANT: Because you will be using your phone throughout the event, make sure your phone is charged. We also highly recommend having a power stick of some sort to allow you to charge along the trail if you need to. You don't want to get halfway through and then have your phone battery die! One of our sponsors, GoalZero, has the best power stick I have ever used called a Flip 10. These can be purchased from GoalZero online, or at most sporting goods stores like Cabela's, Scheels, and many more. We make no money from these purchases, but we hope you purchase them because of GoalZero's great support to Treasure Canyon.

To review, here is what you will need for a successful Treasure Hunt day:

  • Cell phone with access to the internet and your email account
  • Charger to keep phone going all day (optional)
  • Water to stay hydrated and snacks to potentially keep you going after a couple hours
  • Pen and paper for the first clue (optional, but recommended)
  • A smart group of individuals who want to go home $1,000 richer and
  • A car (you will not have to drive more than 10 miles for the entire event)

A couple reminders to ensure safety of yourself and others:

  • Obey all local laws, including speed limits. We have notified local law enforcement of our routes and plans that day so that they will be on extra alert. Getting pulled over will only cause delays and lost cash, making it more difficult for you to go home with the prize.
  • There are also guidelines posted at the main location of the treasure hunt and race that need to be followed. The clues will not lead you anywhere you shouldn't go, so use that as a guide.
  • Be courteous of others. If you are trying to pass someone in front of you, be respectful as you go around them. Also remember that there may be others present that are not participants in Treasure Canyon's event. Be especially gracious to these individuals.

Besides the $1,000 cash prize, 100% of which will go to the winning team, there will be prizes from many of our sponsors, including Klymit, Nu Skin/Pharmanex, GoalZero, Maverik, and Altra Running. The top 50 individuals (team of 4 would count as 4 individuals) will also receive free Treasure Canyon t-shirts. In the end, we hope everyone has a great time, is safe, enjoys the thrill of adventure and the unknown, and goes home with great memories!

Please ask your questions in the comments below, and we'll see you Saturday morning! If you haven't signed up yet, do it right now! You can do so HERE.

There will be 4 social media contests for extra prizes and they are as follows:

  • $100 Maverik gas card - Share a picture of the event on your Facebook page and tag "Maverik Adventure's First Stop" and "Treasure Canyon" in the picture.  The picture with the most likes by the end of the day on Sunday will receive the prize.
  • $200 prize package from Nu Skin - Best photo in general posted on Instagram - voted on by Treasure Canyon team.  Can be of wildlife, people, action, the sky, etc.  Make sure to tag @treasurecanyon and @nuskin on Instagram and use the hashtag #DiscoverTheBestYou.  
  • $100 Altra Running gift card - Share a picture on Instagram and tag @TreasureCanyon and @AltraRunning.  The picture with the most likes on Instagram by the end of Sunday wins!
  • Klymit backpack with some bonus treasure inside - Best Snapchat story.  Send it to TreasureCanyon on Snapchat and add it to your story for us to review.  The best Snapchat TreasureCanyon video or picture will be announced and shared!  They'll also be sent this awesome hiking backpack.
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