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1st Annual Treasure Canyon

***We would love some volunteers!  If you are able to volunteer, please sign up here.  If you have more questions about volunteering, please email us at***

$10,000 on the line! The big event is finally here. You must sign up for this event in order to participate. Sign up is here. Sign up can also be done morning of the event starting at 6:30. Registration closes at 7:40.

Race Details

Location: Provo Canyon

Starting location: Big field located at 727 N 1550 E, Orem, UT, 84097

Starting time: 8:00 AM

Distance: 10k for the primary course. Up to 10m if you take a few wrong turns or if you take on any side hikes or challenges

Checkin and meeting time to grab packets for the day: 6:30-7:45 AM

  • We will limit the total number of participants to 1,000. 
  • Bikes are not allowed.  Your car will stay parked in the field at the parking area below the entire time, so no driving will be required for the event.
  • Check-in starts at 6:30 at the mouth of Provo Canyon. Parking will be at 727 N 1550 E in Orem. Below is the exact location. There will be volunteers and signs to help you get in. It's just a big field.
  • Check-in will be at the park at the south end of this big field starting at 6:30. Again, we will have volunteers directing you to the check-in table.
  • Teams will be given a packet about 15 minutes before the race begins (show up early for check-in), and then the very first task will happen right there in the parking area, and will require 10-20 minutes to complete before you know where to go next. You will need a pen/pencil (pencil probably better in case you make mistakes) to complete the ciphers.  We previously announced that you need a notepad, but this is not necessary anymore. We will be providing everything you need except for a writing utensil.
  • Teams will be required to stay together. We will have tasks and clues for you to complete and solve, and you will have to take a team picture at each of the 9 locations. Spreading your team out across the canyon will not give you an advantage. The only advantage to having more people is more brain power to solve the clues and codes. We highly encourage teams. You will move faster with at least 2 people.
  • The first individual or team that gets to the end with all tasks completed will take home the $10,000. Simply getting to the treasure will not be enough to win. You will have to have taken pictures at each location and you will need the correct answers written on your packet that you receive at check-in. There will be 5 minute penalties per incomplete task.
  • There will be an additional 100 winners that will take home sponsor prizes (basically, places 2-101).  If there is a team of 4 people, all 4 people count as winners and will each take home a prize. Again, in order to win these prizes, the correct answers and pictures must be supplied at the end. Full list of prizes can be found here.

Needed Gear

  • Water - You will be hiking/running over 10k, and much of the time you will be exposed. The race begins at 8 AM to avoid some sunlight, but you will still be quite tired as you hike up the greater inclines during the race. Make sure you are self-sufficient on water.
  • Good backpack - If I were doing this race, I'd go for a Camelbak that would handle my water and allow me to bring my few pieces of gear.
  • Pen/pencil - Get ready to break codes and solve clues.  We will be providing a worksheet for you to use.  A notebook will provide extra room for testing different ciphers.
  • Good shoes and hiking/running clothes - You'll be on trails the entire time.  We will never have you venture off the trail, so you won't need to bushwhack your way to the clues or treasure. One of our sponsors, Altra, has some of the best shoes out there, and we have hiked all over the mountains in their Lone Peak series shoes.  Check those out here.
  • Power - Goal Zero's Flip 10 is amazing.  You will be using your phone to take pictures, look at maps, and you'll want to make sure your phone stays charged just for safety reasons.
  • Phone - to take pictures.  This is VERY important!  You cannot win without required pictures at each of the clue locations. 5 minutes will be added onto your time for every required picture you miss, and could cause you to drop substantially in the prize you're taking home.
  • Food - The event will take you a minimum of 2.5 hours (that's for very fast runners and people that can solve clues incredibly fast).  It will take most groups somewhere between 3-4 hours, so you might get hungry!

Other details

  • The treasure will be guarded by Treasure Canyon team members, who will assist with safety for the event and provide support at the finish line.  We will not have the $10,000 in the treasure chest for safety reasons, but the winning team will go home with the treasure chest and the winnings on Saturday.
  • We want this to be a safe, fun event for everyone, so make sure you obey all posted signs, stay off of private property (if you follow the route we have set up with the clues, this won't be an issue).
  • Above all, be courteous of fellow racers/treasure hunters around you.

Who can participate in this event?  Anyone who can hike/run 10-12 km (some distance possibly added with optional side hunts and tasks).  Half of the event will be uphill, but there will be no climbing involved.  Most people will be able to complete the event with good hydration and a good night's rest before the event.  This event is family friendly, and many families will be taking on the treasure hunt, not as a race, but as an incredible memory-building experience with those they love.  The people that win the grand prize will likely have a good combination of brain and brawn.  In previous events, though, the smarter people have occasionally outdone the fast people.  

There will be social media prizes as well.  Most likes on Facebook, most likes on Instagram, and best Snapchat story will be the three main contests. There will also be incredible photo opportunities on this hike as the scenery is gorgeous, and Treasure Canyon will provide many fun ways to make you feel like you're on a real-life treasure hunt.

Teams are HIGHLY encouraged.  Doing this alone could be fine, but because of the format, having at least 2 people (preferably at least 4) will serve you well.

It will be impossible to cheat on this event.  All participants will be required to complete all 9 clues to be eligible to win the treasure.  If you simply try and follow the group or person in front of you or skip the clues to try and find the treasure, you will be unable to win the treasure.  We will have local law enforcement at the treasure location with race staff verifying completion of the steps as winners and racers roll in.

This will be epic! Can't wait to see you all there!

Free hint: Reviewing this mini-hunt will help you.

Free hint 2: Watch this video to have an advantage:

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