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Mini-hunt #6

  • 4437-4453 Little Cottonwood Canyon Rd Sandy, UT, 84092 United States (map)

Little Cottonwood Canyon from a DJI Phantom 3 Pro

DISCLAIMER: If you decide to follow these clues, you are assuming all responsibility for anything that happens. Hiking and climbing are inherently risky activities, and could results in injury or death. Treasure Canyon is not responsible for any accidents that may occur, although we will do everything in our power to warn you of difficulty levels and needed supplies in order to succeed safely. (Honestly, most people will be just fine, but we have to put these disclaimers for legal reasons!)

Little Cottonwood Canyon is one of the most beautiful canyons in the state! Home to two of the best ski resorts in the world, Alta and Snowbird, few canyons rival the amount of activities this area dishes out. From stunning views of towering granite to endless waterfalls and some of the best hidden gems anywhere, Little Cottonwood seems to provide endless adventure for those who are willing to venture off the beaten path.

This mini-hunt will take place all over the canyon! Very similar to mini-hunt #4, there are 7 different caches of treasure. There are 5 with $50, 1 with $200, and 1 worth $50 cash and a $100 Altra gift card! We will be releasing the clues on Saturday, July 9th, at 10:00 AM. A couple of these are relatively easy, but on average, this should be the hardest mini-hunt to date. We will rate the difficulty of each treasure so that you can be prepared to hike, climb, and forge rivers. :)

The clue with the $50 cash and the $100 Altra gift card requires some significant climbing, so if you decide to take on this clue, just know that it will be fairly difficult.  We saw several groups climb up where we did while we were there, so if you are in good shape and are confident in your climbing abilities, then go for it!

All in all, this mini-hunt will be epic, and there is $600 in cash and prizes on the line! Stay tuned as we release more details. In the meantime, get out and hike today, go on adventures, and live/love life!

UPDATE: The treasure map is up!  This is just general, and more specifics will be given on Saturday.  More updates below picture.

Treasure locations in Little Cottonwood Canyon

Update 2: 

A couple updates/reminders for Saturday's treasure hunt:

- Clues will be released at
- We will announce it on Facebook and Instagram as a reminder at 10 AM
- We will also send an email to everyone signed up for our newsletter. You can sign up at the bottom of the page at

Update 3:

The mini-hunt is in less than 24 hours! One clue you will want to be aware of: Google maps will be absolutely required to succeed on this adventure. A laptop is nice (with tethered internet if you have it), but the Google Maps app on your phone will work too. You'll need to use earth view, and you'll have to figure out where in the canyon the different shots are. It's going to be EPIC. Stay tuned.

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