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Treasure Canyon's First Seek Hunt

When we set out to build Treasure Canyon a little over 18 months ago, we wanted to bring technology together with the outdoors and create an experience that would be tons of fun for everyone involved! For everyone that participated in the June pre-event, where we gave away $1,000, you experienced that. It worked alright, but wasn't the full experience that we really wanted!

For the main $10,000 event in September, we decided to take the technology piece out because it just wasn't up to par where we wanted it to be. Then, we launched Seek. Seek uses cutting edge augmented reality technology to allow you to go out and win real products and cash all over the world!

Today, we run the first Treasure Canyon/Seek treasure hunt.  Here's the deal:

  • This will take place somewhere in Provo Canyon at 4:00
  • In order to participate, you will need to download Seek (do that HERE). If you don't know how to use the app yet, download it and capture a few chests to warm up. There are TONS of Seek treasure chests in Provo Canyon already, so you can warm up there.
  • Right at 4:00, 2 new Treasure Canyon Seek chests will appear on the Seek map. You will have to look for them using the Seek map by scrolling around on the map and tapping the compass to search.
  • There will be two chests:
    • The first one will be red. This one contains a Treasure Canyon key that will open up the next chest. When you win this key, go into your Stash, tap on the key, and it will give you more detailed instructions on how to find the $100 cash.
    • The second one will be orange in color. You cannot open this chest without the Treasure Canyon key! Once the $100 is gone, if you open the chest, you will still be rewarded with 1000 Seek coins! This normally costs $10, so it's a big giveaway. Enjoy!

That's it! Have fun out there, and be safe! Search the Seek map starting at 4:00 PM MDT!

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