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$10,000 to the first place team

Over $15,000 in additional prizes from sponsors

 $1,000 winners

be victorious


10k for $10k
Saturday, September 3rd
Provo Canyon, UT

More details HERE
Volunteers portal up. Feel free to join!

Upcoming event: 5k for $1,000
Saturday, October 22nd
St. George, UT


Top 100 people win prizes

Social media competitions also have prizes


An epic adventure awaits.

Treasure Canyon is a modern-day treasure hunt, promoting fitness, adventure, getting outdoors, and creating great memories with friends and family. The event will take place on September 3rd, and should take somewhere between 2-4 hours to complete.

Participants in the event will follow a series of 9 clues to piece together the location of a physical treasure chest filled with $10,000! The race will start at 8 AM with the first clue released by email to all who have signed up, and then it will require both brain and braun to complete. Over 10 kilometers of hiking/running will be required to find the treasure.



Sponsors have donated amazing products and will provide benefits and discounts to all who participate in Treasure Canyon's events.  Many of the prizes will also come from these incredible companies.

More sponsors coming soon!



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